Why use Brass CNC Parts for CNC Machineries?

brass cnc parts

Brass is one of the most important components in the manufacture of machinery; be it for the agricultural units, manufacturing units or for constructing high end routers or computers. From long time these golden pieces of metal have been used in the production of fittings, rods, bars and connectors. CNC milling and turning machines are in requirement for high class Brass CNC parts. Why? Because Brass CNC parts are

Corrosion resistant

Brass CNC parts are rust free. Brass is neutral to even high levels of humidity and hence is not prone to wear and tear caused by corrosion. CNC machines are exposed to moisture and aggressive chemical environments and these accessories can serve steadily even under such hostile working environments.

Fire retardant

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and hence low conductive to heat and electricity. It does not spread or lead to fire break outs when there is short circuit within the CNC machines. This is the reason brass CNC parts are used where there is transmission of high voltage electricity.


Brass CNC parts are even neutral to high temperature or heat; more than bronze or zinc. These do not turn soft or bend easily even when under extreme heated atmosphere; change of shape under extreme conditions means leakages or out flows, which is prevented by the efficient Brass CNC fittings. Brass has low melting point and it depends on the composition.

Varied Designs

Brass is an easy material to be cast and hence can be changed to form hard and soft products. Be it round, bar or hexagonal, whatever is the need, and brass CNC parts can be used.


Brass CNC parts are strong, do not break easily and are rust free. All these factors mean the fittings can be used for a long span of time without the need for replacement or repair.

Low cost

Brass CNC parts are considered expensive than aluminum and other material- made CNC parts; but in the long run the brass parts seem for economical. As there is no need for repair or replacement so there are no spends on maintenance and hence lot of money is saved. Moreover these parts can be easily installed by on skilled workers and hence you need not engage highly paid engineers for installing and removing Brass CNC parts.

So what are the mandatory qualities you need in brass CNC parts? These must be

Made from high quality brass

Cutting brass is considered to be the best material to produce brass CNC parts. How to understand if the brass used is of high quality? Original brass has a rich texture and is not off while or yellowish in color. A versatile piece of brass part can be easily identified for its natural golden glow and ease of finishing.

Complies with international standards

If you want the CNC machinery produced at your company to be of export quality, you must use materials and parts which are of international standard. Get CNC brass parts from companies which have international accreditations.

Get CNC brass parts with good finish

For CNC brass parts just the quality of brass does not matter but the surface finishes also matters. Get fittings which are plated with nickel or chrome as these provide better corrosion resistance.

Should be an exact match to the requirements

Any misfit can lead to low performance of the machines. Get the specifications and provide them to the CNC brass part manufacturer to get products of precision. This will enable a tighter seal on the machinery.

So if you are looking low cost CNC parts but do not want to compromise with the quality, resort to Brass CNC parts manufactured by the premium ISO certified Indian companies.


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