How to deal with corroded battery terminal and prevent corrosion?

brass-battery-terminal-connectors.jpg (800×287)Every car owner has gone through this experience. He turns the key on the car and nothing happen. Not even the sound of starter solenoid is clicking. You first pound the steering wheel and curse the darkness. Instead of this, check your brass battery terminals that may be covered with white flaky deposits. Grab a battery terminal cleaning brush and pop the hood. By cleaning the deposits of brass terminals, you will be able to restore the electricity flow and bring your automotive back to functioning mode.

But from where this deposit comes?

Your car battery is just one big chemical reaction, and the flaky white deposits present on the surface are simply one of the byproducts. A typical car battery is manufactured with individual cells that have housing alternating plates of lead. Lead is coated with lead dioxide is submerged in a sulfuric acid solution. Due to this, chemical reaction takes place that releases electrons, which provide the juice to spin the starter motors, power the radio and keep the lights on.

How to clean battery terminal and the flaky deposits?

You should be happy that your brass battery terminals are one of the convenient areas of your vehicle to maintain. You just need to wear safety glasses and protective gloves because sulfuric acid can be hazardous.

You can use water and baking soda mixture for cleaning. Mix the baking soda and water to create a consistency of pancake batter and spread it onto terminals. This mixture will slowly dissolve the deposits.

You can even try soda. Pour soda drink on your brass terminal and clean it using brush. This is the cheap and effective method to clean corroded brass terminal.

How to prevent corrosion of brass terminal used in car battery?

It is always better to prevent your brass terminal from deposits instead of cleaning it later. You can use brass-terminal grease and apply it on the terminals to prevent corrosion. You can get this product from any auto parts store. It is usually having a little ketchup-like packing.

You can even try heavy-duty metal protector that creates a protective sheath on terminals that keep away the corrosion. You can even use this product as vehicle undercoating to provide protection against rust.

Now you know how to deal with brass battery terminals. You can share this post with your contacts and let them also protect their terminals from corrosion. Do feedback for this post by pouring your valuable comments below.


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